Nanotechnology insoles designed for energy balancing.

BioActive Soles are insoles made by following the principles of quantum physics and magneto-gravitational fields which accompany the wearer towards an energetic and vibrational rebalancing with consequent positive effects on the person.

BioActive Soles today are used and highly appreciated in sports, podiatry and physiotherapy of high level.

The sponges uniformly distributed inside contain a material that allows the storage of magneto-gravitational fields that act on the neuromotor and energetic system, while the external structure is covered in bioceramic fabric that uses F.I.R. technology (Far Infrared Rays) that in contact with the foot has the ability to reflect the sunlight naturally emitted by the human body, promoting the process of rebalancing the energy channels of the whole body acting on the reflex points of the foot.

Thanks to the materials used and the applied technology, these insoles are capable of:

Release energy in proportion to the need of the moment;
Dilate the capillaries;
Increase microcirculation;
Activate the metabolism of tissues and cells;
Give a rebalancing effect (against inflammatory states, fluid retention);
Reactivate the energetic and vibrational connections that manage balance, coordination, muscle strength, recovery and reduction of lactic acid.

BioActive Soles, are breathable and can be used in any type of shoe.

Size: cut to size
Weight: 50gr

Nanotechnology insoles designed for energy balance


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