The biomagnetic SoftMAG Reflex Soul foot reflexology insoles are equipped with “magnetic field” technology. Each insole has integrated magnets with a power of up to 970 gauss. The foot massage that you get when wearing them, accompanied by the magnetic field, acts on thousands of nerve endings that can be traced back to every organ and system in our body, acting on painful sensations and stimulating tissue regeneration at a cellular level.

Using the same mechanism as plantar stimulation, the insole acts on different parts of the body, offering effective and long-lasting benefits. Let’s see which ones:

  • IMPROVED BLOOD FLOW. The gentle pressure of the magnetic protrusions on certain points of the foot stimulates, even during a simple walk, the micro-circulation that allows oxygenated blood to flow to all the peripheral parts of the body. This stimulation helps to reduce and prevent the unpleasant feeling of heaviness in the legs, as well as the feeling of swelling caused by a slowdown in blood circulation.
  • REDUCTION IN MUSCLE AND JOINT PAIN. Anyone has experienced or often experiences joint or muscle pain caused by poor posture, fatigue or heavy work, chronic and unbearable pain that prevents the natural performance of any task. The use of the magnetic insole offers, through a foot massage, the elimination and reduction of these feelings of discomfort, which by stimulating the natural efficiency of the body give the whole body a pleasant relaxation throughout the day.
  • MIGRAINES AND STRESS TRAUMAS. Like foot reflexology, the SoftMAG REFLEX SOUL insole relieves stress-related traumas, strains, migraines and indigestion. The function of the SoftMAG REFLEX SOUL is based on the fact that a specific point on the sole of the foot corresponds to a certain organ or limb, which is stimulated by simple pressure, benefiting for example the neck, shoulders or organs such as the liver, stomach, digestive system and many others.
  • CORRECTS AND IMPROVES POSTURE. Back pain is very often linked to poor posture, a problem that affects many people. The causes can be many and are also linked to the type of shoe you wear, as well as the sedentary lifestyle you are forced to lead in case of jobs requiring the use of a computer. In this case, the magnetic insole can help alleviate the pain and allow the back to regain its balance when it is no longer sore or tired.
  • FRIENDLY TO METABOLISM AND BODY WEIGHT. The SoftMAG REFLEX SOUL footbed made of shock-absorbing anti-stress gel not only makes it possible to walk for a long time by regulating the temperature of the foot area with each step, but also provides the body with a metabolic boost that can help you lose weight and restore the right shape and harmony to a weighed-down physique.
  • SHOCK ABSORPTION. This insole is specifically designed to fully absorb shock and reduce stress on the feet with every step. It is suitable for high-intensity activities and helps reduce exercise-induced fatigue such as shin splints, runners’ knees, plantar fasciitis.
  • BREATHABLE AND ODOURLESS. The honeycomb fabric is able to absorb moisture and keep feet cool and dry all day long thanks to the natural fabric with micro-holes for ventilation that reduce odour.
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN. Micro-absorbent to maintain tension on the outside. Soft foam Aero technology that adapts to any shape. Special cushioning foam technology helps protect against hard surfaces.

he biomagnetic SoftMAG Reflex Soul foot reflexology insoles


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