Plasma Beam Tube for BCX Ultra Deluxe


This is the Plasma Beam Tube for the BCX Ultra Deluxe. It doesn’t work on it’s own.



This is the Plasma Beam Tube for the BCX Ultra Deluxe. It doesn’t work on it’s own.



The rife technology is backed up by nearly 80yrs of research/experimentation and is often used for experimenting on pathogens alternative metabolic deficiencies like inflammatory disease, Herpes, Fungus, Candida, Migraines, Infections, Depression, organ deficiency, Fibromyalgia, Viruses, Chronic Fatigue. Made in USA. The BCX Ultra& rife is a bi-product of over 25 yrs of research, development manufacturing (USA made). Each year we spend thousands in research using the latest technology and this can be seen thru our wide variety of apparatuses, ease of use, and functionality yet allowing the flexibil ity to do advanced research. Our (BCX Ultra) approach to our unit designs is to use Royal Rife’s technology and build/add on taking advantage of the advancements in the latest technology.

If Royal Rife was alive today we believe his rife devices would not look like 1930’s or 1950’s technology but would have advanced along with newer technologies. Other’s philosophy is to mimic as close to possible Royal Rife’s technology. A perfect example is with digital technology we are now able to use different wave types to deliver frequencies. Square waves, commonly used in modern devices, could not be produced by the older equipment. The BCX Ultra rife machine uses RF carrier wave to piggy back or carry the audio frequency deeper in to the body. The BCX Ultra gives you the flexibility to change any settings for research and testing. The BCX Ultra uses both delivery methods induction   conduction. A fundamental difference between the BCX Ultra and most other Rife type devices is the way that we generate waveforms.


How does it work?

The Rife Machine- A Bridge between the Past and the Future

In this modern world, with all the cell phone signals and electronic devices, we live in a sea of electromagnetic frequencies. Many of these frequencies bombard our electromagnetic fields, unbalancing our immune, neurological, and endocrine systems.

However, there is a science of electromedicine invented 80 years ago, which uses electromagnetic frequencies for healing. These are emitted by glass tubes with radiant plasma, the fourth state of matter after solid, liquid, and gas.
This wonderful invention is called the Rife Machine, named after its pioneer, Dr. Royal Rife, who invented this technology in the 1930s in San Diego, USA. He used the inventions of Nicola Tesla and a microscope he created to see living microbes and know which exact electromagnetic frequencies of his machine could exploit or devitalize various harmful microorganisms in the human body.

Using the specific frequencies of different microorganisms, Rife managed to cure several infectious diseases such as typhoid, tuberculosis, anthrax, meningitis, tetanus, syphilis, staphylococcus, influenza and E coli.

But he was not satisfied with these successes, because his obsession was to find the microbe that causes cancer. After years of searching for that microbe, he found two types of viruses that, when he injected them into rats, caused cancer in almost 100% of them. With that discovery he could focus his plasma beam on the tumor, with the exact frequency of the virus and thus managed to cure many cancer patients, including 16 patients with terminal cancer. Which is documented in the Mayo Clinic, USA in 1934.

After that success, Dr. Rife became a medical celebrity and the news appeared in many newspapers: the cure for all diseases had been discovered.
Unfortunately, Rife’s electromedicine, which was gaining popularity in several allopathic clinics, was an obstacle and competition for pharmaceutical companies and the American Medical Association (AMA). These institutions worked together to sabotage Dr. Rife and his machines by destroying his reputation, then putting him in jail and prohibiting the use of his machines by other doctors.
Thus, they made Rife’s machine and microscope disappear from medical history. This technology was forgotten for 60 years, until researchers discovered its original machines and notes hidden in the closet of the head of the AMA.

In the last 20 years, Rife technology has been reactivated; Now there are various forms of the Rife machine designed by engineers and researchers who have recovered the way of emitting exact frequencies, with the precision of modern electronic instruments.

As a healer, in my practice to support others to recover their state of health, I have had the opportunity to incorporate a modern Rife machine into my practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine and “biofoton” kinesiology diagnosis. This step in my practice has been the best blessing I could ever imagine.

The machine I use is a BCX Ultra, along with a plasma tube very similar in power and frequency range to the original Rife machine. In the work I do I use both the original frequencies that Rife left, as well as some modern frequencies of the DNA of microbes, which were found by a genetic biologist who based her research on the genomes of several species of microbes.

The results I have obtained using the Rife machine, along with the DNA frequencies, have been wonderful. I have supported the healing of patients with all four types of pathogenic microbes: bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. I have helped many patients eliminate harmful microorganisms such as E coli, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, amoebas, influenza, papilloma, parainfluenza, typhoid, herpes, candida, chickenpox, and several others from their system.

To diagnose what type of microbe the patient has, I use kinesiology, along with the “biophoton” emission system or the light emitted by acupuncture points on the body. Once I know what type of microbe the patient has, I apply the exact frequency of the microbe to destroy her DNA and eliminate it from the system.

Normally, when the frequency I apply is exact, with one or two treatments the microorganism is completely eliminated from the body. However, in very chronic cases, several treatments are needed, because it is very common for various microbes to infect different systems of the patient’s body, making their immune system weak.

On the other hand, there are specific frequencies to stimulate and regenerate organs, systems, and tissues; others that help raise defenses, increase hormonal production, regenerate ligaments, cartilage, skin, and nerves; improve liver and kidney function, as well as relax muscles.

I know that Dr Royal Rife would be very happy to know that his discovery was not lost to history and is now slowly becoming the medicine of the future.

With a 3-year warranty.


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