Enjoy the sound and beauty of the water flowing like a river.

We offer to make the pieces as well as the installation . There are many different options of colours and finishings.

The Flow-forms, as well as their beauty, they also ionize and energize the water generating a peaceful and healthy environment. Their mesmerizing sound has a therapeutic effect appeasing and harmonizing the brain waves.


We can make the flow forms on demand and you choose colours and finishing.

Colours to choose from are: red, yellow, brown, green, blue, black, pink, orange and white. We can also mix different colours like on the picture.

Our Prices

Without pigment or polishing: 60€/piece
With any pigment other than green or blue : +10€
With Green or blue pigment : +20€
With polishing : + 30€

Installation : Please contact us

We are based in Tenerife and we can organize the transport within the islands. For other locations, contact us.

+34 634 502 872 – GMT zone /


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