Permaculture Consultations, Design and Classes

Learn and design in a creative and passionate way with us!

We have more then 15 years of experience in all types of climates. We are based in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain but offer our services worldwide.


Permaculture is a branch of ecological and environmental design, eco-engineering, bio-construction and integrated water resources management that develops sustainable architecture, regenerative and self-maintained habitat, and agricultural ecosystems modeled from the deep and intelligent observation of the fonctionning of the natural ecosystems.

Experiences and work in farms since 2006 in cold, arid and tropical climates (France, Spain, Canary Islands, Costa Rica, Brazil)
Certified Training in Organic Agriculture, Agroforestry and Permaculture.

2009-2012: Preparation and management of a farm with extensive and varied forest of fruit trees for 2.5 years in Los Silos, Tenerife: El Santuario de la Salud

2012: Realizing a 6 months Project in Costa Rica, including design, food forest implantation, covered veggie garden of 60 m2, swales and training of a group of workers for sustained maintenance.

2016-2023: developing the educational center for sustainable living in Bajamar, Tenerife including a total transformation of the soil and landscape (see in video section).

2023: Plantation and supervision of a new project in north of Tenerife.

We give consultations in a variety of different farms in all types of climates and soil compositions.
We have extensive experience in managing and training volunteers.

Michael Pierre
Specialized in fruit trees, food forest eco-systems, water retention strategies and soil enhancement techniques. Speaks English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese

Yasmín Rei-Kyo
Specialized in medicinal plants, group dynamics and integral design.
Speaks English, Spanish, French and Portuguese


consulation : recommended donation 150€ (4-6 hours) + travel expenses

customized designs recommended donation 200€ – 1.000€ (depending of the magnitude of the project)

classes : recommended donation 50€/day per person (possible discount for groups)

Contact us for free adjusted estimate

permaculture consultations tenerife


Consultation using the Permaculture principles in: -strategies to maximize the wise use of water and evaporation control for arid climates;

-enrichment of the soil: creation of compost/lombri-compost/mulch, microorganisms, etc;

-fruit trees and other species adapted to each micro-climate (including big biodiversity and special varieties).

permaculture design tenerife spain


Customized Design to the needs, economic resources and time availability of the client including:

-Farm Map with details;

-Explanation of the techniques to apply;

-Educational material for a better understanding of the principles of Permaculture.


Permaculture Introduction Course (1-2days) for individuals or small groups.

The agenda includes:

-Principles, Strategies and Techniques of Permaculture;

-How to make a good compost;

-How to need much less water;

-Varieties of plants and their symbiotic associations;

-Digital material for in-depth studies and knowledge of plants, fruit, ecosystems, food forests, etc …


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